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Wind Energy

Robots provide error-free, robust solutions for machining wind turbines and other wind energy equipment.

Robotic Machining System for Windmill Blade

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Machining wind turbine blade for better fastening with the the rotor/hub.


  • Single robot handles all machining operations with up to 3000 mm PCD.
  • Multiple robot matrix for machining of larger diameter off-shore blades.
  • SCADA for operation selection and report generation.
  • SS304 construction.
  • Accurate centre and PCD calculations
  • Dry and wet machining options.
  • Auto tool changer for rapid operations.
  • Dust collection system for hygiene.
  • Axial and radial bolting provides superior structural integrity.
  • Process:Sawing smoothens the blade’s circular surface that intersects with the rotor/hub surface.
  • Ring removal system extracts the sawn-off circular section.
  • Milling further smoothens the intersection surface.
  • Punching marks the drill positions.
  • Axial drilling along the blade to insert bolts.
  • Radial drilling along the radius of the circular section to insert bolts..
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